Clubs and school organizations are formed at Creston Intermediate Academy as student interest develops. Listed below are current clubs and orgnizations with a brief description of each one. Students should listen for intercom announcements concerning organizational meetings.

Creston Intermediate Academy's 6th Grade Academic Pursuit team competes against other 6th grade students in Marion County in "Brain Game" type matches from November until mid-February. Five students at a time vie to answer questions against students from another school. The season concludes with a Saturday County Tournament.

The Art Club is an organization at Creston Intermediate Academy for students who enjoy creating and observing art. Through a variety of activities students will be able to express themselves.

The CIA Choir Club is an organization that supports music, students, musical programs, and musical productions done by the music department.

Student Council is an organization conducted by student leaders and supervised by adult sponsors. The purpose of Student Council is to provide leadership, and to serve the student body, the school, and the community. Student Council at Creston Intermediate Academy is the students' voice in our school.

The Yearbook Club will be responsible for creating CIA's yearbook. Students should listen for announcements as to dates and times for meetings.